Residential Property Management


MontagnaProperties oversees income-producing residential properties from single-family houses, condos and townhouses to multi-family properties.
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If you lack the time or expertise needed for day-to-day management of your residential real estate investments we’re here to help.


Full Service Property Management

As an owner you simply need to give us an availability date and the premise keys. Our experienced team will evaluate your property for pricing, offer property recommendations to get you the highest possible price, review liability concerns, coordinate all marketing and showings, handle all lease negotiations and regulatory compliance issues, manage monthly collections, supervision of contractors, payment of bills and prepare itemized transaction summary reports on a regular basis.

MontagnaProperties will:

We know the rental market, what comparable properties are renting for, and what potential renters are willing to pay for a rental property. We have the marketing know-how to reach potential renters and we have the experience and resources to weed out potential problem renters;

We handle and coordinate routine maintenance and repairs as well as emergency repairs. We have the experience to avoid unnecessary repairs to save you money;

MontagnaProperties will help you realize the full potential of your rental property and can save you time and money.

Often, good tenants will rent only through a property manager because everything from initially viewing the property, to negotiating and signing the lease agreement, dealing with maintenance and repairs, and making rental payments is more efficient and streamlined when a professional company located in the area is providing the service.

Typically problem tenants will target owner-managed rentals because they can't pass muster with a good property manager. They know that, when a property is for rent by owner, the rent may be less and there may be less scrutiny of their financial situation. Because problem tenants can't be evicted without notice and an eviction can take months and cost you money, MontagnaProperties will track references and do our utmost to avoid potential problem tenants and associated eviction problems.

MontagnaProperties know your rights and obligations as a landlord, and will help limit your liability exposure.

At MontagnaProperties, we understand and comply with provisions of legislation, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Federal Fair Housing Amendment Act, as well as local fair housing laws. We ensure that our renting and advertising practices are not discriminatory and that the property itself complies with all of the local, state, and federal regulations and codes

The rental industry is heavily regulated by local, state and federal law, including numerous property disclosures, eviction and pay-or-quit laws, security deposit and fair housing rules. The laws give both tenants and landlords rights, but with those rights come responsibilities.  Responsibilities ignored are lawsuits waiting to happen.

MontagnaProperties handles the problems so you don’t have to.

We do everything possible to avoid problem tenants so evictions are uncommon.  However, sometimes an eviction is necessary.  MontagnaProperties will help you deal with the whole process, from providing the required eviction notices, to filing court documents and working with the local sheriff’s office.

MontagnaProperties has the expertise and knowledge to get the job done right.

·       Both David & Mischa Montagna of MontagnaProperties are licensed as brokers with the California Department of Real Estate.

·       We are affiliated with several organizations including:

o      California Apartment Owners Association

o      Tri-County Apartment Owners Association

o      Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS®

o      Santa Clara County Association of REALTORS®

o      California Association of REALTORS®

o      National Association of REALTORS®

Through our association with these groups, we are proud to subscribe to strong ethical and fiduciary guidelines, to participate in continuing education programs and to utilize the extensive pool of legal resources, rental applications, contracts and disclosure forms.

·       We perform all of our applicant screening through our relationship with Credit Bureau Associates.

·       In addition to thoroughly screening tenants, MontagnaProperties has an extensive list of trusted vendors and other professionals to help us quickly perform all maintenance and repair tasks.

MontagnaProperties guaranteed results.

Management fee:

Our fee for managing single-family houses, townhouses and condos is a percentage of the monthly rent during the months that the property is rented.

Renting or leasing fee:

Our fee for finding tenants for single-family houses, townhouses and condos is a percentage of the first month’s rent. If, for any reason, the tenant breaks their lease in their first lease term, we will waive our leasing fee and re-rent your property to new tenants without charging you an additional leasing fee.

Eviction fee:

If it is necessary to evict a tenant we will discuss the process with you.  We do not charge a fee for our services but you are responsible for any attorney fees, court fees or fees from other agencies.  No fees will be accrued without your authorization.